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Bob Murray
Bob Murray
managing principal

My aspiration early in life was to be a high school physical education teacher and coach. I achieved neither. Instead, I earned a PhD from The Ohio State University in exercise physiology and became a university professor. Although my intent was to start and finish my career in academia, after eight years of university life, I accepted an opportunity to join The Quaker Oats Company to create an internal exercise-science research laboratory to support their Gatorade™ business, a job I assumed would last no more than five years. After 23 years as director of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, I left PepsiCo (PepsiCo acquired Quaker in 2001) to start my own business, Sports Science Insights, LLC.

Through SSI, I'm able to apply my expertise in science and communications, my experience in academia and the corporate world, and my wide network of contacts to help companies and organizations achieve their science-related goals.


Bob Murray, Ph.D, FACSM
managing principal

Sports Science Insights, LLC

How SSI helps clients leverage science to meet business goals.

It seems obvious and simplistic to say that our goal is to complement what our clients are trying to accomplish, but we work hard to make sure that we provide added value. I have worked with many consulting firms over the years, some of whom did little more than repackage what they learned from company staff. We recognize that companies have internal expertise that we don't want to duplicate. We try to complement that expertise to help our clients make evidence-based decisions in which they can place great confidence. There's something to be said for having an objective third party contribute to the decision-making process because it often removes some of the internal onus associated with making difficult decisions.

Examples of SSI Projects:

>> A company interested in acquiring another business was unsure about the scientific validity of the product promise. SSI provided an evidence- based assessment to complement the company's internal evaluation efforts.

>> A small company that did not have the R&D capabilities to evaluate research opportunities in support of their product claims turned to SSI to review the relevant scientific literature, identify opportunities and knowledge gaps, suggest research strategies, coordinate cost-effective research projects at top universities, and help the company best leverage the results.

>> A Fortune 100 company was concerned that advertising claims made by competitors about product benefits were giving their competitors an edge with consumers. SSI conducted a comprehensive review of the underlying science to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with the competitive claims.

>> Corporate and university scientists often struggle to make science understandable to non-scientists, such as students, consumers, and media. SSI provided internal training to improve the scientists' ability to effectively communicate science to non-scientists.