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SSI is a consulting group that helps companies leverage competent science to meet business goals.

SSI specializes in assisting companies with interests in exercise science and sports nutrition bring great ideas to life. SSI clients range from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations, food and beverage companies, athletic apparel companies, textbook publishers, and professional organizations.


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Our project work is as varied as our client base. We have assisted Fortune 100 companies in projects such as evaluating the science behind product benefit claims, creating strategic research plans, guiding the development of world-class sports science laboratories, and establishing expert advisory panels and the strategies to guide them.

Our work with smaller and start-up companies has included new-product efficacy assessments, research project coordination with major universities, conducting scientific due diligence, and creating science content for web sites and collateral materials.

SSI also conducts seminars to help scientists communicate more effectively with non-scientists, including media.

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Bob Murray, Ph.D, FACSM
managing principal

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